Alpha Xi Delta

Epsilon Theta at West Liberty University

Letter From Membership Vice President

Dear PNM,

I am so excited fro you to embark on this new journey to find your new home in Greek Life! As a senior, I have not only had the opportunity to find my new home, but I have watched many others do the same.

Being in Greek Life has given me an unbreakable support system, endless leadership and network opportunities, and a new confidence that I had always lacked in the past. And you too, just as many others did before you, will realize your potential with the love and support that your new sisters will bring you.

Always remember to keep your head up, have an open mind, and stay true to yourself. I know this all may seem scary, but trust me when I say that you are about to begin an adventure you will truly cherish forever. Good luck, I believe in you!

With love, 

Sabrina Sauer

Membership Vice President